Ability cards are a type of card in GBM SCG. They are one of the two main types of cards used to play the game. Generally, Ability cards affect gameplay in ways that most monsters cannot. The way Ability cards can affect the game are completely varied and depend on the card alone. In the SCG, Ability cards can either stay in the hand, be set in face down position to save for later, or be activated. Ability cards can never be activated when it is not your turn. There are both advantages and disadvantages to keeping an Ability card in your hand and setting it on the field. When kept in the hand, they can be destroyed by hand destroying cards. On the field they can be destroyed by field destroying cards.

Examples of Ability Cards:Edit

Destroy All Monsters: Destroys all monsters.

Flowing Energy: Gives the player 500+HP.

Direct Attack: For 1000HP, allows player to attack opponent directly with a chosen monster on the field.