Cody Jackson is a main character in the GBM Series. He is the protagonist of the series and one of the first characters introduced. Originally only friends with Carl, Cody was a GBM player who was unpopular and often found himself bullied, especially by Joey. As the series went on, Cody's popularity grew as an unbeatable battler, especially after he defeated Terry in Terry's competition. However, when he was defeated by his new friend Aston, his popularity and being known for being unstoppable was ruined. He suffered bullying again and other drama, but this time had more friends to love and support him. He even formed a relationship with good friend Jenny, who had a crush on him.


Most of the time, Cody is a confident battler, and while he does sometimes trash talk and bring down opponents, most of the time he is rather calm and completely focused on the game. He is a very skilful battler. He is a rather friendly boy, but at times can too easily get frustrated and angry with his friends, and feels alone and uncared for even when it is clear he is not. When losing, Cody makes a big deal out of it, mainly because he appears to very much care for his popularity and reputation, often much more than his other friends.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit



Originally Cody's best and only friend, Carl was supported and helped by Cody since the beginning. Unfortunately, Carl, who has a crush on Jenny, was outraged when he realized she loved Cody. This was too much for Carl to handle, and he subsequently confronted Cody, attacked him through rage, and eventually ended his friendship with Cody, dissociated himself with The Gang.


Originally Jenny had a one-sided crush on Cody. Carl told Cody of his feelings, and when Cody asked about it, she did confess that she likes him. Cody decided to allow her to try a relationship with him. After a week of dating, they seem to be getting along well.


Cody originally had feelings of indifference towards Tyler, but as the series goes on, they learn to become allies. Cody is outraged at Tyler charging him money to be his friend, and is further angered by Tyler's price increase. In the end, Tyler feels sympathy for Cody after seeing him being attacked, and gives back the money. Further still, they managed to become good friends.


Vs. Outcome
Carl Won
Joey Won
Tyler Won
Joey Won
Dexter Won
Aston Won
Terry Won
Unknown Won
Aston Lost