In the GBM SCG, Fusion Monsters are a special kind of monster that can be used in the game. To play a fusion monster on the field, special conditions are required for them to be played. Generally, they can only be played if:

1. The player has the fusion monster in their hand.

2. The player has the 2 or more monster cards required for the fusion.

3. Some may require additional things, such as a specific Ability card.

Fusion monsters tend to have advantage in the game as they tend to average higher attack and defense points than regular monsters, due to the fusion monster having the combined attack and defense of the monsters it was made by.

Known Fusion Monsters in GBM:Edit

- Two-Headed Blue Dragon

- White Eyes Dragon of Light

- Destiny Hero: Leader

- Bonza Lord

- UltraHero: Flame Wing Guy

- UltraHero: Cyberwoman

- Rocky the Dragonmaster

- D-Hero Night Glider

- Destiny Hero: Guardian