Game and Battle Monsters (GBM) is a Strategic Card Game (SCG) invented by artist Tyrell Lamb. The main focus of the game is to reduce an opponents Health Percentile (also known as "Health Points" or "HP" for short) to 0. This is done using different types of cards and varying different strategies.


General Summary The aim of the game is to use Monster and Ability cards to reduce an opponent to 0 Health Precentile. This is done through strategic ways. A typical GBM SCG playing deck consists of at least 40 cards, and at the most 75 cards. The amount of HP a player begins with varies, but it generally is 4000. Types of Cards Monsters: Monsters are used to destroy other monsters and even attack an opponenet directly, when no monsters are protecting them. Monsters are generally separated into Normal Monsters, and Ability Monsters. Normal Monsters are simply used for offensive and defensive purposes, but Ablity monsters may be used to affect gameplay to help the player and even give the player an advantage.

Ability: These cards affect gameplay through doing things Monsters cannot. Ability cards can only be used on one's own turn and not on the opponents turn.

General GameplayEdit

Typically, the game begins like this:

  • Both players shuffle their deck.
  • Both players pick up 5 cards.

The first turn:Edit

  • The player picks up an extra card, thus having 6.
  • They can now choose to play cards. If they have a monster, it can be player in ATK, DEF, or face-down defense position.
  • They can also activate or set Ability cards.
  • A maximum of 4 ability cards can be set.
  • Any number of monsters can be played, as long as it is less than 6, and that there is only 5 monsters on the field at one time.
  • No one can attack on the very first turn.

Opponent's first turn:Edit

  • Same as above, but they can attack on their first turn.

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