Game & Battle Monsters: Episode 1: Pilot

Carl Jackson and Cody Johnson are playing a game of GBM in the park.

Turn 1:

- Cody plays "Elf Warrior" (ATK1500 DEF1300) in attack mode.

Turn 2:

- Carl picks up. He looks at his hand. In his hand is Karibo, Lost Soul, and Life Gain. He becomes nervous. Carl surrenders.

Joey Burum, a boy known for bullying Cody and Carl, comes up to them and notices them playing. He calls them "nerds" then steals Cody's deck and runs off. Cody and Carl run after him.

Later on, Joey says he is only going to give the deck back if Cody can beat him in a Battle. Cody agrees, and Carl allows him to borrow his deck for the match.

Battle: Cody vs. Joey

Turn 1:

- Joey draws.

- Joey confidently plays Karibo (ATK100 DEF200) in attack mode.

Turn 2:

- Cody draws.

- Cody plays Future Soldier (ATK500 DEF500) in attack, and uses it to destroy Karibo (Joey's HP 4000 -> 3600)

- Sets face down Ability.

Turn 3:

- Joey draws.

- Plays "Jungle Fighter" in attack. Destroys Future Soldier (Cody's HP 4000 -> 1800)

- Plays Karma Surfer in attack mode and attacks Cody directly. (Cody's HP 1800 -> 1700)

Turn 4:

- Cody feels hopeless. Carl encourages and cheers from the sidelines. Cody draws his next card.

- Cody activates Life Gain (Cody's HP 1800 -> 2800)

- Plays "Lost Soul" in attack.

- Activates "Monster Swap". Lost Soul and Jungle Fighter swap places. Jungle Fighter attacks Karma Surfer (Joey's HP 4000 -> 1400)

- Carl cheers, saying Cody has turned the game around and that he can win it…

Turn 5:

- Joey feels he doesn't have a chance now. He draws. 

- Activates "Monster Reborn" to bring back a card. Sets it in face-down defense position.

- Switches Lost Soul to defense.

Turn 6:

- Cody draws.

- Plays "Red Swamp Monster" (ATK1550 DEF1800) in attack mode.

- Plays "Death" (ATK1000 DEF1000) in attack mode.

- Red Swamp Monster destroys face-down Karma Surfer.

- Death attacks Lost Soul.

- Jungle Fighter attacks Joey directly (Joey's HP 1400 -> 0)

End Battle.

Joey cries and admits to Cody that he only wants friends, and that he has always wanted someone who could teach him how to play GBM, because he is a terrible player and doesn't know the rules properly. Cody offers to be a friend to Joey, gets him some decent cards from the Card Shop, and teaches him the basic rules of the game. Joey feels great that he finally has a friend to play GBM with…