9: Game & Battle Monsters Episode 9: "Cody vs Aston, the Rematch! Part 2 of 2"

Basic Summary: Cody and Aston continue their rematch battle, with Aston at a severe disadvantage. Will Cody obliterate Aston, or will a quick comeback completely turn the game around?


Cody and Aston are continuing their game of Game & Battle Monsters in the park, with Cody on 3900HP, and Aston on only 600HP. A crowd of people have swarmed the park and are watching possibly the greatest game seen in the neighborhood so far.

Turn 8:

- Aston draws.

- Aston activates "Chest of Greed". He picks up 5 cards. He then activates "5 Cards." He then picks up 5 cards.

Aston: "Yes, I knew I would get it eventually. Be forewarned Cody, because this next move is going to completely annihilate you!!"

Cody: "Oh no!"

- Aston activates 2 "Monster Reborn" cards. He brings back "UltraHero Fireguy" (ATK1600 DEF1500) and "UltraHero Wing Guy" (ATK1400 DEF1400).

- He fuses them both to create "UltraHero Flame Wing Guy" (ATK3000 DEF2900) in attack mode.

- Aston activates "MegaMorph". (UltraHero Flame Wing Guy's ATK3000 -> 6000 DEF2900 -> 5800)

- Aston then activates 3 "U-Increase" cards (UltraHero Flame Wing Guy's ATK6000 ->7200 DEF5800 -> 7000)

- Ultra-Hero Flame Wing Guy destroys Destiny Hero Night Glider. (Cody's HP 3900 -> 900).

- Aston then activates "Destroy All Monsters". All monsters on the field are destroyed.

- Aston then plays "U-Hero Cyborgman" (ATK800 DEF750) in attack mode.

- UltraHero Cyborgman attacks Cody directly (Cody's HP 900 -> 100)

- Aston then activates "Life Gain" (Aston's HP 600 -> 1600)

Aston: "I'd like to see you beat me now, Cody."

Cody looks down at his deck, and picks up, hoping it will be something good.

Turn 9:

- Cody draws.

- Cody activates "D-Decrease". For every D-Hero in the Graveyard, U-Hero Cyborgman loses 400 ATK and DEF. (U-Hero Cyborgman's ATK800 -> 0 DEF 750 ->)

- Cody plays "Alien King" in attack mode.

- Alien King destroys UltraHero Cyborgman (Aston's HP 1600 -> 700)

Turn 10:

- Aston draws.

- Aston activates "Return". He gets "UltraHero Wing Guy" (ATK1400 DEF1400) out of the Graveyard. 

- UltraHero Wing Guy destroys Alien King. (Cody's HP 100 -> 0).

End of Battle…

Aston: I've beaten you. I told you I could do it.

Cody looks around. He hears many people saying all kinds of things.

Tyler: (whispers) "Cody actually lost. That's never happened before."

Dexter: "He's finally shown us he is not who he turned out to be. He is a poser."

Kyle: "You might just be right Dexter. I agree."

People walk away, looking disappointed and angry at Cody's failure.

Cody looks down, upset, with everyone berating and even insulting him.

His friends walk over to him.

Joey: "Eh come on Cody. We all lose sometimes. At least ya not me. I mean, come awn, so ya lost to Aston. Big deal."

Cody: "Yeah well when all of you lose, no one makes a big deal out of it. But me…Everyone at school called me "Mr. Unstoppable" because I've never, ever lost. But now, everyone's going to think I'm a liar, or I've been cheating, or more. We shouldn't have down this Aston, I knew if I lost everyone would overreact."

Carl: "It's just a game."

Cody: "I KNOW IT'S JUST A GAME!!! And that's what I've been saying all alone!!! But in this town, this game is seen as more than a game. When a pro loses, you get hated on. It's as simple as that!!!!"

His friends look at him in sadness.

Cody: "I'm…sorry. It's just, you all saw their reactions!"

Jenny: "Come on, let's just go do something else."

Carl: "Yeah, anyone up for basketball?"

Aston: "Sure! Come on Cody!"

(they start walking)

Joey: "I own it at B-ball. At least I like to pretend to."

(Everyone laughs).