HP, sometimes known as Health Percentile, Health Percentage, Health Power, Health Points, and others, are a main element in GBM. Health Points are the life of a player in GBM games, and when HP is reduced to 0, that person loses the game.

How Much HP One Starts WithEdit

The official rules state that 4000HP are to be used, and the GBM written series also uses 4000HP. It is rarely if ever used changed, and if it is it would be on only a very special condition.

In unofficial games, the amount of HP a player starts with is negotiable, and if all players come to an agreement, any amount is possible.

How HP is LostEdit

HP is lost in several ways. Monsters destroying weaker monsters in attack, players being attacked directly, and through the use of certain Ability cards.

Using the ways above, HP can also be gained as well.