Monsters are one of two main type of cards in Game and Battle Monsters. They come in several different "types". These types are as listed:

Monsters are used in the game to help a player reduce another player's HP to 0. This is done by using stronger monsters to destroy weaker monsters, and using monsters to attack the opponent's HP directly. The outcome of two monsters battleing with one another is determined by the "Attack" and "Defense" of the two monsters.

A monster with a higher attack will destroy a monster with a lower attack or defense.

Eg. Elf Warrior has 1500ATK. If Elf Warrior attacks Karibo (100ATK), Elf Warrior will win, and the opponent will lose HP. The opponent will not lose HP if Karibo is in "defense" mode.

Monsters in GBM SCGEdit

As one of the two main types of cards, around half of GBM's cards are monster cards.